Do you have what it takes to take your dog to the beach?

Do you have what it takes to take your dog to the beach?

Leach the beach with WOOF WOOF

As we all know: dogs love to have fun in the water… especially during the biggest heat. When the temperature is increasing, the irritation of our four legged friends is doing that too. Therefore it is recommended to take your things, grab the dog and get to the nearest beach. People have a lot of things on their mind while packing and today we want to help you to get everything you need while taking your companion for the adventure of a lifetime. 


Get a proper bag

At WOOF WOOF we offer a wide range of summer friendly tote bags. They are big enough to keep all the necessary snacks for the both of you to enjoy your time outside. With a paw pattern it is unique and the variety of color allows you to choose the best match.


Make sure to find a shady spot

Facing direct sun can be dangerous for humans and even worse for dogs. Remember to find a shady spot where your dog can rest. Don’t be mad when your little friend dig a hole in a sand – it’s usually colder there. 


Filter it… with a cream

Short-haired or bald dogs need to be extra careful when going outside. For some of them, it is necessary to use sun cream to avoid burns and other injuries. Normal human cream will do. The most important thing is to use it frequently. 


Bring a water bottle with you

Even if you and your pet will be surrounded by water, it doesn’t mean you can’t be thirsty! Salt water is not suitable for drinking! Remember that drinking water during hot summer days is important for you and your dog! 


Flip flops are also a must

We know that it can be hard to walk on hot sand or even just a bethon, when it’s so hot outside. In that case, flip flops seem like a good way to cool out a bit. At WOOF WOOF it is possible to order custom-made flip flops with the print of your beloved dog. Are you up for an amazing, fully unique pair of your own? We can definitely help with that.


Bring the towel… or even two for the sake of doggo and you

Visiting the beach means getting close to the water and as we all know, dogs love to get wet to cool themselves down. As long as being wet can bring relief, it is nice to remove the spare water with the towel. As it is multi-functional, you and your dog can also sit on it if in any scenario you might forget the blanket. 


Don’t forget about toys!

It’s your time together! Bring some toys and have fun playing fetch!


Keep cool if things get over the heat

If in any scenario your dog gets heat stroke – don’t panic, because that can happen. A rapid pulse, heavy panting and vomiting are only some of the symptoms, but if you notice anything it is important to act fast. If that occurs, try to cool your dog down with wet towel and fresh water. Then get help at the nearest veterinary clinic. 

The fun can be very great if you have what it takes to be safe and prepared. With the new WOOF WOOF collection which includes many cool accessories right for you and your dog and the advices above – this summer can never be better!

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