Dog-friendly activities for this summer

Dog-friendly activities for this summer

For many people, a dog is something more than just an animal. They treat their little friends as a member of a family, often like their children. During summer, there are a lot of places to visit and things to do with a dog to spend quality time together. We have gathered some things which are perfect for the time of good weather.



The weather is beautiful now! Not too hot, not too cold. It’s perfect time for long walks in park and forest. Don’t forget to bring a favorite toy, some snacks and water! 


Explore new places

If you’re tired of old town road, it’s the best time to explore some new places! Grab a map, open Google or just walk with your dog wherever your feet take you! Take a new path to your favorite park, take a different path than usual, or take a different direction than always. Just go wherever you want, your friend is always by your side. 


Pool party

There is no better feeling than swimming in the pool during hot summer days. Invite some friends and make a party with colorful drinks and goodies to eat. A bit of water is always a good heat-reliever and the tails of the dogs will waive in happiness!


Meeting with dog friends

Your dog loves you, but sometimes he can feel lonely and miss some doggo friends! Call your human friends and invite them for dog's play date! Maybe some cooking classes or photo shoot? Or a fetching content?


Go to the beach

The beach is synonymous with summer and dog-friendly beaches are places we love the most! We are sure your dog would love them too… Grab a bag, pack some toys, a blanket and water with some snacks and you will be good to go! The perfect spot for relax is waiting right there!


Making snacks 

Some people are very passionate about cooking and baking… Who said that the dog’s can’t be, too? It has become more popular to engage the pets into the process of creating the most delicious dog snack! Taking the right dog-friendly ingredients can ensure that your best friend will fully enjoy it and we are very confident that they will really like to lick the spoon after! Check our recipes and let us know how it was!  



After a stressful week it can be good to grab a blanket, snacks, something to drink and just go find the perfect spot for a moment of relaxation. Fresh air, some threes, birds all around… and just the two of you: an owner and the dog! That really looks like a very good date!


Go to the restaurant 

Dog-friendly restaurants are places which will allow you to enjoy quality time with your dog best friend. Ever left the dog at home to go grab a nice dinner at the restaurant and catched yourself what was happening back at home? Now you don’t have to worry about that at all! 


Learn a new tricks

The internet is a very big space filled with love for dogs… and other animals. But besides the cute pictures, nice videos and helpful articles all around, there are also websites, youtube videos and blogs which can help you to learn your dog a new trick! So buy some extra, good snacks and let’s try out something new… maybe the dog will love it even more than you do?


Make a theme party for international dog’s party

The international dog’s day is getting closer and that really is something to celebrate! So why not throw a whole party dedicated to the dogs? Grab a piece of paper and note down everything you might find useful for that purpose: snacks and a bunch of new toys to play with! Invite the friends with their dogs to make it even more special and fun. Let’s get the party started!


Have you already tried some of those dog-friendly activities for the summer? Feel more than welcome to share your pictures and tag us on instagram at or comment your stories in the section below.   

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