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Summer can’t last forever and that is a fact. But that does not mean that the upcoming season will be a waste of time and potential for a good adventure. With your best friend on the board, you can do and see everything you desire. Have you ever wanted to just pack your bag, take a transporter and get in the car or on the plane and try something new? Or maybe just take a weekend away to discover the places you never had time or courage to visit? The step of making a final decision is always yours, but we can help you prepare, so you don’t get overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and “to-do’s”!

It is hard to remember about everything and to plan a perfect trip alone. Therefore, we have gathered the list of things which are relevant if you want to travel with your dog.


Remember the valid passport and all the vaccinations

When traveling, it is important to have the documents which are required to cross the border. Once you leave the country for example with the car, you need to have your passport to be able to validate your identity. But as you might not be traveling alone, the other passenger also is obligated to have the documents. Valid dog passport and the vaccinations that are not overdue are crucial. You need to remember that even you might be able to drive out of the country without the border-control, that does not mean there will be no control while returning. Visit a vet in a good time (preferable over a month if you are missing some important vaccinations) and get a passport with a fancy picture of your dog!

Find a good transporter for the dog

You like to feel comfortable while driving, don’t you? We all for sure do and that is the fact that the comfort of your dog is also very important. Finding a good and solid transporter is very important. It needs to be in the right size as the pet need to have enough space inside to feel good. It would be an advantage if you choose one you and your dog have used before. In that way, the doggo is able to scent his own scent and remembers it as a safe space. If you add a blanket inside alongs with some toys to play with, the heaven is ready to go!


Make a checklist which will include everything to make this trip dogsome

We all know how stressful it can be to go on a holiday. It can be especially hard if you are an adult who has to figure everything out by yourself and be responsible for everything. And with a dog? That’s even harder! You see, in that specific case you are not only responsible for your own luggage and things which you need to remember. Now the responsibility is even bigger with another creature which is your dog! A checklist is always a good way to plan and remember all the matters that has to be managed in order to make a trip memorable. Got a wallet with you? All the snacks and toys are packed? And are you definitely sure that you have everything ready to go? Then let’s do this!


Plan everything

This point is a little bit like the one above. The difference is that this stage requires a specific plan which includes the time before, during and after the journey. Before you go out, its important to pack everything for you and your dog, have a neccessary documents and assets to make the trip pleasent. The part during the trip is important because here you can locate the obstacles, such as – how often you should have stops during the ride so your dog can run around in a wood and pee. Here you also have to consider the snacks, food and water – how much to include for the trip so your dog has everything he need.


Plan your holiday

To spend the time as pleasant as possible, you have to have a plan. While some people enjoy discovering new places on their own, without preparing before, others can’t just sit around and wait as they have to have everything planned out. Whether you are the first one or the other, we recommend to make a list of all things you need – including a first aid kit for your pet – it can help you to not forgot anything. It’s better to be safe than sorry!


You don’t always have to include your dog while traveling

Dog-hotels, leaving a dog with your friend, vaccinations before leaving the dog at the hotel so they don’t get sick. It’s okay to leave a dog sometimes, but it’s not a good idea to leave it for a longer time.

These tips are some reminders for people who can have a lot on their mind. Of course it variates from one owner to another, but one thing is sure for everyone: the good owner want to spent pleasent time with a dog. Have you packed your bags yet? Then grab your dog and you’ll be ready to go!

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