How to help your dog when the temperatures are high during the summer period?

How to help your dog when the temperatures are high during the summer period?

Bark the heat away with WOOF WOOF

Summer is getting closer and specifically this year we can already feel the heat. For some of us, humans, it is becoming harder and harder to adjust to such sudden changes between the rainy, colder periods and first bites of serious summer weather. 

At WOOF WOOF we want to offer a unique experience for the owners but also for their beloved four legged friends. Today, we have gathered a few tips on how to help your pet get through the summer weather. Are you ready to cool down? We definitely are!


Cooling pads are your best friends

Dogs, just like humans, get hot when the temperature is bigger. To help them figure out the best way to get through, provide them with cooling pads or blankets, which you can use to cover them and in that way offer the needed relief. 


Save paws: avoid going out when it’s mid-day 

The midday heat is one of the most serious ones. Avoid easily-heating surfaces – you wouldn’t like to go on hot asphalt without your shoes, so why do you think your little friend would like to do it?


Groom regularly

The longer the hair, the more sweady they get – that works both for humans but also dogs. Grooming regularly can bring the relief you never thought of!


Cold towel and cold water are a must

Soak a towel in cool water, make sure it’s squeezed enough, and put it on your dog’s body. But be sure the water is not ice-cold!


Prepare a pool with water 

Dogs like to have fun. We do, too, and what is better and more funny to do if not running straight into the pool with refreshingly cold water? 


Leave a bowl of cold water in a shady place at the house and change it frequently

It’s just like providing yourself with a glass of iced cola when getting home after a long, heated day at work. You get happier, so why not share that happiness with your best friend? Your dog will definitely love it!


Take your dog with you and never leave it in the car

Some rules are never meant to be broken. Even though the temperature outside the car might be fine, the inside is always some degrees higher. Humans can leave the overheated place right away – dogs can’t do that, even if they will feel that it’s hot. 

Have you tried some of those tips before? Let’s discuss them in the comment section! We are also very happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with guidance on any dog and summer related topics. Let us know how you and your dogs are barking the heat away!

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