Our top 10 dog films for a family movie night

Our top 10 dog films for a family movie night

We’ve already shared 10 of our favourite movies that we think every dog lover should see, but there’s just so many good films out there to watch, so we are counting down yet another set of movies we’d like to recommend to you. However this time we are focusing on movies that can be enjoyed by the whole family regardless of age. No watery eyes, just wholesome plots and lots of laughter on this list!

Start preparing your favourite snacks because you are guaranteed to find the perfect film for a family movie night in this list.

1 - Bolt

Bolt is regularly called an underrated masterpiece. It is certainly not as popular as other animated classics, but it deserves the attention nonetheless. Bolt and Penny the two stars of a fan favourite series get separated when Bolt thinks that his owner Penny has been kidnapped. He wastes no time and escapes the set to find Penny. With the help of several animals he tries to find his way home back to his owner. Bolt is a funny and heartwarming story that is guaranteed to capture the hearts of the whole family.

2 - 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is a Disney classic, therefore it comes no surprise as a staple choice for a movie night spent with kids. It  might not be as goofy as other entries on this list, it is a solid option nonetheless. 101 Dalmatians depict the well known fight between good versus evil as Cruella tries to put her hands on everyone's beloved dalmatian puppies. This film is a must see for children and a perfect nostalgia inducing movie for adults.  


3 - Cats & Dogs

This movie is certainly an oddball. Talking dogs and cats take over the screen to fight the age-old battle between them, however this time with MI6 level technology and James Bondesk action scenes. Of course the owners have no idea what is going on underneath the surface (quite literally, as the secret underground HQ can be accessed through each agent’s garden). This film is a classic, ‘a new agent has to save the world’ story while it isn’t taking itself too seriously. A truly goofy film for a laid back movie night.

4 - Doctor Dolittle

There are a couple of renditions of the classic children’s book of the same name. You can find a new 2020 version starring Robert Downey Jr. however this time we would like to recommend the film made in 1998, featuring Eddie Murphy. Each Doctor Dolittle movie has its own unique plot, and is only loosely based on the original material.

In this version, Doctor John Dolittle, who can talk to animals and understand their language from an early age, after a childhood trauma stops talking to animals. Years later after becoming a doctor due to an almost car accident John rediscovers his abilities and starts to see it in a new light. Unfortunately not everyone around him sees talking to animals a sane practice. This story will teach children to appreciate themselves and their abilities no matter what other people say. Doctor Dolittle is the perfect light hearted and funny, yet insightful film to watch during your next movie night. 


5 - Garfield: The movie

Okay hear us out. We know that we promised dog movies and Garfield is probably one of the most famous cats ever written, so seemingly his appearance on this list is out of place. But this live action version of the famous Garfield comics is just as enjoyable for the dog lovers. The plot follows Garfield who just happened to get a new companion in the form of Odie, a rescue dog adopted by his owner John. As a good cat-dog conflict commands drama, the two have a rather hard time getting used to each other. However when Odie is abducted by an evil television host to promote his show Garfield embarks on a rescue adventure to set Odie free and save the day. Seeing your favourite lazy, lagana loving cat tangled up in drama and chase scenes is guaranteed to make the whole family laugh.

6 - The shaggy dog

What would you do if all of a sudden you’d turn into a dog? Well, in this movie this is exactly what happenes. Dave Douglas, a well off attorney who might be excellent in what he’s doing, but he is somewhat of a workaholic. This obviously affects his relationship with his wife and children. One day he is bitten by a very special dog that causes him to slowly turn into a dog himself. Life as a dog teaches him some very valuable lessons as he tries to better his relationship with his family.

This comedic science fantasy will teach kids some important lessons about the value of relationships while still being humorous and light hearted.

7 - Air Bud

Can a dog be part of a sports team? Well in this movie it certainly can, and by the way, there is no such rule in basketball that says a dog can’t be a player... Air Bud tells the story of Josh who tries to deal with the loss of his father. One day as he practices basketball he meets a stray Golden Retriever, Buddy and they become companions immediately. Buddy has a rather strange ability. He can play basketball like no other. Josh becomes part of his school’s basketball team and during his first match Buddy gets on the field and scores a basket. Unsurprisingly, everyone loves him immediately and Buddy becomes the team mascot. This film is full of suspense and drama, while being incredibly sweet and wholesome at the same time. If you’d like to watch a movie with a great moral lesson, Air Bud is a guaranteed runner up.

8 – The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound is a somewhat overlooked Disney classic, but we just have to talk about it. Sometimes the overlooked pieces are the best hidden gems of the Disney canon. This wholesome movie tells the story of an unlikely and somewhat forbidden friendship between a fox and a hound. They are separated by men and the next time they meet, the dogs of the farm are trained to hunt down foxes. When the old friends finally reunite it ends in a chase when their secret meeting becomes known to Chief the other hunting dog on the farm, a chase breaks out.

Watching Copper and Tod fight for their friendship will truly warm your heart and maybe even break it a little.

9 – Oddball

Second chances and protecting others. These themes never fail to make a good movie. Oddball is a somewhat restless dog who is given one last chance for life on Middle Island. Just in time for him to become a hero. Fairy penguins sattle on the island, but they can’t fully enjoy the benefits of their newly found home, since foxes roam the island hunting them down. That’s where Oddball comes into play as he protects a penguin from its untimely death. Oddball's family decides to give him proper training so he can become a vindicator for all penguins on the island. But not everyone is in favor of this plan for the family. 

Follow Oddball and his family in their journey of love and justice for an unforgettable evening. 


10 – Balto

We are closing our list with yet another animated movie. But who can blame us? There are so many great ones out there. Balto is a half husky half wolf who can’t really find his place in the world. But one day, as an epidemic starts forming in their homeland, Alaska, a group of brave souls volunteer to get the needed medications for the ill and save their loved ones from the worst.  Balto might feel like he's an outsider, but as a leader of the team he must face his fears.


We hope that you enjoyed our list of family friendly dog movies and found a film to watch on your upcoming movie night!

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