The benefits of having a dog

The benefits of having a dog

Not everyone has a pet and that is a fact. Not everyone even needs one… or maybe just think that they don’t. As for the facts, animals are time consuming and attention craving. A human need to take care of it, remember to feed it, take it for the walks… But except of the cons, there are also many benefits. Today, the crew of WOOF WOOF is taking all the paws, sharpening the claws to dig in the field of showing what can a simple, four legged companion change in a human life.


They can occupy you when you are bored

People tend to get bored or overwhelmed with the things they have to handle per given day. In order to not stress out so much, they sometimes avoid the responsibilities. Now it’s no longer required to find thousands of excuses… you’ll have one with four paws! Dogs can run around you and draw your attention very quickly… and what’s better than to occupy your thoughts with something furry and lovely?

They will force you to take a necessary break for a walk

We all have been in a position when the deadline tends to bite us in the backs. Endless tasks, millions of responsibilities and reports to write. Lack of sleep, liters of caffeine and basically not a single second to relax and take a breath. Human beings are able to extend their strength in order to maximize the productivity… but one thing they can’t overcome is a basic need of going outside for a dog. Grabbing a leash and finally going out is not only a good thing for a pet who can catch up with the neighbor dogs, but also for an owner, who has nothing left just to adjust, take a walk and relax, even for a couple of minutes. Then, with fresh mind, it might be easier to accomplish even the hardest tasks.


They will welcome you home like no one else ever will

Have you ever had a situation when you came home and no one welcomed you or even asked you how your day was? Well as the second thing is only possible my Martha from a well-known cartoon about a dog who ate alphabet soup and started to talk with humans, the welcoming part is still manageable! The dog will always remind you why the home is the safest place, where you will be supported even without the words… we all know though, that sometimes the words are not needed at all.


They are the most efficient wake-up call.

Hats off for those who have never slept over several alarms. Being late can happen to everyone and sometimes it feels like the hardest struggle is to find a perfect way just to wake up on time. Dogs, when shown the solid routine, will never let you have a “five minutes more”. Prepare for a bit more of a sweet wakie wakie… this one can be tong sticking, wet good morning call.


They can protect you and your house

Have you ever gone to work and wondered if anything hadn't happened at the house just when you were unable to check it? Security cameras are very expensive and not always good enough to scare the burglar away… but the dog will always have your bark… back! Do you know better ways than to loudly show that someone is not welcome to entering your home without you wanting them to? The dog will got it for you!


They can support you when you are feeling down

Many people say that animals can sense our emotions… and we believe it’s true. Dogs are coming right to you when you need emotional help and any way of support to feel at least a bit better. Lying beside you and touching your hand with the nose is a short way of saying “it’s gonna be alright, human!”. 


They will force you to spent the time outside and enjoy the nature

The summer is heating it up and sometimes it’s just better to stay inside to chill. Though it’s not always a good option if one day turns into several weeks of not sticking a nose out at all. Having a dog makes it a “must” to go out and even to find the nearest park. Who said that the dog is the only creature who can enjoy running wild in the wet, cooled grass.


They can help you with the cleaning 

Have you ever had the laziest day… ever? And then one day suddenly turned into a whole week and a mess became so big that you couldn’t find anything in your own house. Not to mention all the corners with dust all around… A dog can reach the lowest and deepest hidden places and collect the dust with their furr! We have tried that ourselves… that works and is so efficient… if you can catch the dog afterwards to clean them off the dirt.


They can watch over the house when you are away.

Sometimes it can happen that people are forced to stay later at work. One hour can turn into four or five and something can always come up, when least expected. You can never be sure if that one window is eventually fully closed, but one thing is certain: having a dog at home can take some of your worries away. Furry four legged friend is also a fellow protector of the house.


They will be your best friends

People let down… but the dog never does that! Let’s forget about the accidents on the floor for now, but dogs can be your forever companions which will show you that life is so much more than what you are used to! Watching tv on the couch? They will love to do that with you! Cooking time? Have all the paws on it! So, are you ready to open up for a new chapter in your life? If so, contact a local shelter and think twice… because it might turn out to be both life-saving for you… but also for the dog, that needs a loving home and a human best-friend. 

Getting a dog is not only helpful for human beings, but for the dog's self. When being in the shelters, they are scared and can’t fully enjoy themselves and their life. You want to do something good for them, but also for yourself? Check out the adoption process and become the hero first, so they can pay you back with eternal love and support later! 

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