10 films every dog lover should watch

10 films every dog lover should watch

There’s no better feeling than having a cozy movie night at the end of the week to wind down and reset. Whether you’d like to spend some time alone, with friends, or with kids you are sure to find some great dog movies to watch alongside a big bowl of popcorn. Are you into animated films, an exciting adventure story or a heardrenching drama? We got you either way. Check out our top 10 favorite dog stories to have an unforgettable movie night.

1. Scooby-Doo: The movie

If you are looking for an easy going and funny movie that you can even watch with kids, but adults are guaranteed to enjoy it as well, look no further than the Scooby-Doo franchise. Who wouldn’t enjoy solving crimes with the goofiest dog ever written and his team of amateur detectives? We got many Scooby films over the years, animated and live actions alike, but today we would like to recommend a true 2000s throwback movie, namely the two part live action film series from 2002 and 2004. Why these ones? Because the dialogue is well written yet just as goofy as the animated series. Kids and adults will both find it funny and enjoyable because the humor is both child and adult appropriate.

2. Eight Below

We’ve all heard the saying: Dogs are a man's best friend. This is especially true in the film Eight Below. A team of scientists need to flee Antarctica to get away from an especially dangerous storm. However, they need to make sacrifices on the way back, because they can’t take everything with them, including their eight sled dogs who helped them out in various dangerous situations before, and even saved their lives. But the main character refuses to leave the dogs behind for good and makes a promise to get back to them. This exciting drama will have you at the edge of your seat many times as side by side man and dog fight for survival.

3. Lady and the Tramp

You can never go wrong with a Disney classic like Lady and the Tramp. This heartwarming love story between a high class lady and a street dog is guaranteed to make your evening regardless of your age! You got love, adventure, tension and conflict…what else could you ask for? Cook up a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs and let the movie night begin!

4. The Art of Racing in the Rain

The Art of Racing in the Rain is the definite tearjerker of this list. We’re sure we don’t need to introduce any dog lover to the tragic story of Marley & Me. Well what is we told you that the creators of that film are back with a similarly heartwarming, or more like heart wrenching story, The Art of Racing in the Rain. The plot is simple but great. You got a guy with a lovely dog as a friend who one day meets a girl. Understandably the dog becomes part of their family. He’s with them in good and bad. Now I think you might know how a plot like this turns very sad very quickly. Regardless, you should check it out if you are looking for a beautifully shot film that will leave no dry eyes in the room.

5. Beethoven

Our next recommendation is a classic comedy from the 90s. Beethoven is the perfect choice for a movie night when you just want to have a good laugh. Yes, the jokes might be a little cliche sometimes and not the smartest, but let’s be honest, a 180 lbs St. Bernard constantly causing trouble at home will never not be funny. This is yet another film that you can enjoy regardless of your age. Young kids and adults are guaranteed to enjoy the adventures of Beethoven equally.


6. Isle of Dogs

How far would you go to get back a childhood friend? Would you dare to go to an island full of dogs that have been contaminated with canine flu? Of course you would…just like the main character of the film Atari. He goes on a journey to find his dog Spots on the island with a pack of dogs. However, they don’t have the easiest of times finding Spots and rescuing all dogs from the flu because in the end it might not be an all natural outbreak. Follow dogs and men as they embark on a mission to battle their evil leaders and bring Atari’s dog back home.


7. Best in Show

Best in Show is your best bet if you want to experience the crazy atmosphere of a dog show. This film follows several individuals as they prepare for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. But in this movie everyone's a little insane and goofy. It is shot somewhat as a documentary, but don’t let that turn you off. We guarantee that the crazy preparation of these owners will make you laugh so hard that you might just skip your weekly abs workout altogether. 

8. Frankenweenie

Do you like your movie nights spiced with just the right amount of horror and supernatural events? In this case look no further than Frankenweenie. This Tim Burton stop motion classic is the perfect choice for a cold autumn night with some homemade halloween treats. The main character Victor loses his beloved dog Sparky but after an eye opening biology class he attempts to bring his four legged friend back to life. When the word about a living dead dog gets out people in town start to replicate Victor’s experiment with more or less success. This movie will get you laughing and crying at the same time. Don’t miss out on it if you haven’t seen it already! 

9. Togo

If you are looking for a beautifully shot action movie full of drama and tension look no further than Togo. One might ask: What does it take to be a sled dog? Stamina? Obedience? Courage? A big heart? Surely all of these are essential qualities of an excellent sled dog even if we can’t notice them right away. Togo tells the true story of a man and his dog as they embark on a dangerous mission to save their community. If you like to be left breathless and in tears throughout a movie Togo is without a doubt a film made for you.

10. Red Dog 

Last but certainly not least, let us introduce you to an amazing film: Red Dog. Get teleported to Australia for an evening and get charmed by Red Dog who is better known as the dog for everyone. But what happens when everyone’s dog encounters that special someone who they want to call their owner? In this movie, the dog chooses the owner, not the other way around. Red Dog is a heartwarming comedy-drama that is a must watch for all dog lovers.

We hoped you enjoyed our list of must watch dog movies and that we could give you some tips for what to watch on nights when you struggle to find a film that fits everyone’s needs. 

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