What do we celebrate on International Dog Day? Tips to make this day special for your four legged friends.

What do we celebrate on International Dog Day? Tips to make this day special for your four legged friends.

Regardless of the day, we love our four legged friends equally, but from time to time everyone deserves a little extra loving. Did you know that on the 26th of August, on International Dog Day, the world celebrates each and every dog?


International Dog Day was first celebrated in 2004 by Colleen Page in order to celebrate all dogs regardless of breed or origin. She chose this day, because on the 26th of August her family adopted their first dog, Sheltie. This day is just as much for those friends who sleep beside their owner in bed, for those who patiently wait at an animal shelter to find a loving home, for those who help the police to hunt down criminals, and service dogs who help people’s everyday lives. 

Most importantly, International Dog Day exists to raise awareness about just how many dogs wait to get rescued. Colleen’s goal is to show the world how we can help these animals who just want to be adopted and loved. Dogs are much more than just pets. They are best friends, life savers, and companions of ours. 

People can celebrate this day in many ways. For example just informing people about the existence of international dog day through articles, news, videos etc. Some shelters have special events on this day, and everyone is encouraged to donate a small sum to their local animal shelter.

How can you celebrate International Dog Day?

Whether you are a dog owner or just a dog enthusiast you can celebrate this day in many ways.

To express your love for your own (or for many) four legged friends you can celebrate International Dog Day with our special WOOF WOOF products. Show and share your love for dogs with everyone around you! Order a custom portrait of your most beloved furry friend and use it for custom products, not just for you but for the entire family regardless of age.

To stay true to the meaning of dog day you could celebrate it by visiting your local shelter to do some voluntary work. Shelters are usually happy to receive help from fellow animal lovers. Take some of the dogs for a walk and play around with them to make this day special for both of you. Make sure to contact your local shelter before the day to schedule such activities and to get information on in which ways volunteers can help the staff out. Since this year International Dog Day (26th of August) will be a Friday, you could even inquire about different weekend activities at your local shelter.

To make International Dog Day memorable for your own dog you can spend some extra time with your friend this day. You might have time for activities that last the whole day, or maybe you’ll only have time for some extra playtime at the end of the day. Whatever you can do this day to celebrate your dog, is guaranteed to be appreciated by your four legged friend.

Shorter activities that you can do together

Go take a nice walk to their favorite dog park, neighborhood, or forest. It might not be anything new, however who wouldn’t be happy to do the things they enjoy the most, even though they did it many times before? Taking a walk on your dog’s favorite route is just the same. It is a favorite of theirs for a reason.

To make this walk even more enjoyable, organize a dog walking date with your dog’s best friend. What could be better than a walk? A walk with your best friend. Make sure to play some fetch or other outdoor games if you can to maximize the fun factor! 

But what if the weather is all gloomy and unforgiving on the day of International Dog Day? What should you do then? Well, there are just as many exciting activities to do at home than outside!

A fun yet cozy indoor activity is baking dog friendly treats for your dog. Make sure to use ingredients that are safe for them and avoid those that could cause harm like refined sugar or salt. Your dog will be guaranteed to love a treat that is made with apples, carrots, oats or peanut butter. You can find more tips on baking with your dog here.

If you’d like to dedicate the entire day for your furry friend

If you can, you could dedicate the whole day to your furry friend and spend every minute with them! A great way to celebrate International Dog Day would be by taking your dog on a great new adventure to a place you’ve never been before. Who wouldn’t like to spend a day exploring an unknown forest or beach with their best friend? You know your dog the best, so choose a terrain they would enjoy the most, just make sure that the place is dog friendly. Not just in a way that dogs are allowed to enter the area and be off the lease, but also make sure that it is not too complicated of a terrain for your dog. If you regularly go on hikes together you could choose a more difficult path, but if you usually only go to the dog park you should start out with something lighter like a plateau, beach, meadow or a clearing.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate International Dog Day on the 26th of August it is guaranteed that you and your dog, or dogs at your local shelter will have a great time and will be very grateful for your affection and aid. Make sure to let others in your environment know about International Dog Day and educate them about what this day is all about and how they can help dogs in need all over the globe!

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