What to buy a dog-lover for birthday?

What to buy a dog-lover for birthday?

"Woofy birthday to You!" 

Birthday is a day of celebration that many people truly enjoy. It is a time where all the wishes are meant to come true. WOOF WOOF wants to wish a Woofy… Happy birthday in the best way possible. Is the clock ticking in wait for Your celebration, too? Or do you need to find a present for someone close to your heart? Are you not sure what to get the dog-lover? We got your bark… back!

A perfect birthday gift for a dog-lover doesn’t exist… or does it?

WOOF WOOF is a company created by a dog lover for dog lovers. We offer a wide range of products that are perfect for any occasion as presents but also as things that will be useful in a daily life. For the purpose of today’s blog post, we have gathered the 5 best things that you can buy a dog-lover for their birthday!

DISCLAIMER: Custom-made artwork designs take longer to create, as the digitalization of a given picture is time-consuming. Therefore it is important to place an order in a good time, if you want to make your gift even more special. 


A Mug

Morning coffee… or two is something many people find important in order to start a day in a perfect way. And what’s more perfect than seeing a familiar, doggy face on a mug that you’d be drinking from? WOOF WOOF offers a wide range of mugs with the print of a dog. If you don’t find a dog face that is familiar, we can always customize the mug for you!


Phone case

Phone is a thing that people use every single day. With our transparent cases with amazing dog prints, you can take your beloved four legged friend with you everywhere. They fit Iphones from models Iphone 7 / 8 up to the newest ones. These cases are now only made for Apple products, but if you contact us, maybe we can customize one for you specifically. 


T-shirt or sweatshirt

Many dog lovers would love to keep their furry friends with them all the time, wherever they go. It’s possible now with WOOF WOOF t-shirts and sweatshirt. You can order a custom design with your own dog, or choose the one with your dog’s breed. 


A bag

A good bag is everything you need when traveling, going outside or simply needing a good, solid bag for any other purpose. At WOOF WOOF we offer a wide range of Paw Patterned bags with pockets!


Laptop sleeve 

Digital world has become more and more important in daily life, as various jobs can be done online from any part of the world. Therefore we believe that it’s important to keep the laptops safe and place them in a nice sleeve with a dog print on it. 


Orders placed at WOOF STYLE are free shipped and therefore there will be no costly surprises regarding the final price of the items. So if you are looking for a nice, high-quality gift especially for a dog lover, you found the right spot. 

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