Dear friends and fellow dog lovers

At Woof Woof, we are deeply passionate about dogs, and they hold a special place in our hearts. Our mission is to share this passion with fellow dog owners, enthusiasts, and their families by allowing them to capture precious memories of their furry companions. We do this by providing a range of apparel and accessories featuring hand-drawn illustrations of your beloved pet. Our ultimate goal is to make you and your family look and feel "doggylicious!".

The Story

Welcome! My name is Catrine, and I am a huge dog lover, owner, and founder of Woof.Style.

The idea for my shop came to me when I was searching for t-shirts with dog prints for my daughter. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any that matched her young and modern style. So, I decided to create digital illustrations of our dog myself. I experimented with different graphic expressions, fonts, texts, and colors. Along the way, I realized that it was a fun way to showcase our dog's personality. I was excited by the possibility of creating contemporary products that reflect the unique traits of our furry friends.

Soon, my friends and family started to order products with custom-made images of their own dogs. That's when I realized I could combine my passion for designing, and creating new products, and dogs. This inspired me to start Woof.Style.

I grew up in Denmark and have had many different dogs in my family, from breeders to dog shelters. Currently, I live in Copenhagen with my family and our foster dog, Miso, a Japanese Spitz. When I'm not playing with Miso or creating new products for my shop, I work as a graphic designer in the gaming industry or make creative dog videos for Miso's social media account.

Thank you for visiting my store. I hope you find something special that captures your dog's unique spirit!


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