General was founded in 2020 by graphic artist Catrine Lillelund based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The idea for this shop started when she was looking for t-shirts with dog prints for her daughter. Catrine came out short and, therefore, decide to create their own family dog into a digital illustration. Along the way she discovered the possibility of creating contemporary products to display their dog's personality. Catrine found a way to combine the things she like the most which kicked off this venture - dogs, designing and creating new products.

We are on a mission to spread our love for our beloved family members in our daily life. We do that by delivering clothing, accessories and home-decor with custom digital illustrations to dog owners. are selling a range of clothing, accessories and home-decor with dog illustrations and statements. Some products can be customized by the customer. There is also an option for dog owners who want an illustration of their own dog. Please look under custom artwork to learn more about the process. are offering products with different dog breeds, but new breeds are added every month. Please subscribe to our newsletter for news about new products, new dog breeds, and other cool things. You are also welcome to contact our customer service for specific requests.

Yes, offer to turn your dog into an illustration which we then turn into your own private collection of apparel and accessories that you and your family can order directly from the shop. Please read more under custom artwork. illustrations are digital handmade and printed from several international print-on-demand services. Once the order is given it’s shared with the print-on-demand service and they will start the production and ship it.

At we strive as far as possible to use only eco-friendly products, however, we do not always have the opportunity to get these from our providers, therefore there may also be products in between that are not eco-certified. You will always be able to find eco-friendly products by choosing "eco-friendly" in our filter.

Shipping & Delivery

Almost. Most of your dropshipping services offer to ship to countries all over the world, but there might be cases where we are not able to. Please contact us if in doubt.

We offer free shipping on all products.

    This dependent on the print-on-demand drop-ship service used for the product ordered. Usually, it’s 3-5 business days in the US, 5-7 business days in the EU, and up to 10 days in the rest of the world. The delivery times are estimates and it might take longer. To ensure you will receive your order before a holiday or specific event you need your items for, please place your order at least 14 days for US orders and at least 20 days for international orders. are not liable to any delays from the print-on-demand service, but will of course help our customers in case their order is not delivered in time. Please read more under sales and delivery conditions. are delivering on-demand products that are printed on order why it’s not possible to return the product unless it is damaged. Please read more under sales and delivery conditions.

    In case of receiving a damaged product, the print-on-demand service will ship a new product free of charge. Please reach out to customer service for more information about what to do and how to return the product.